Orphanage, Muttil

Ever since it was started in 1967, the main orphanage housed in the orphanage complex has been the shelter and resort of many childhoods left in the lurch. The philosophy behind the WMO orphanages is simple: it is not merely a building for food, shelter and education. It should be a living metaphor of love and care. WMO takes utmost care to make its inmates feel they are not orphans. To gives them whatever they needed to celebrate the holy festival days with their dear one at their home is an example. Many students who have felt the warmth of love and care in the orphanage have come off with flying colours.

TKM Orphanage college, Pathippoyi

Though it took 27 years, precisely in 1994, for the extension of Muttil Orphanage for girls to be realized, the orphanage at Pathippoyil matches up with the one at Muttil in all aspects and specialties: treatment, care and attention. There are XXXXX inmates living in the orphanage.

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