Al Naseem

Started on the aid provided by the Central Government, Al Naseem is a working women's hostel located at Munderi, Kalpetta. There are 100 lodgers at Al Naseem.

Darul Uloom

An Arabic college-cum Hostel, Darul Uloom at Bathery is a centre of graduate-level (Muttawwal) religious learning. Darul Uloom is the first Arabic college in the district and was started in 1979. Alongside religious education, Darul Uloom gives its inmates (now 100 students) general learning social sciences.

Jiddah Boys Hostel

A venture of WMO Jidda Chapter, the hostel, despite its name, has now housed little girls up to Upper Primary level. There are 152 inmates in the hostel.

IDB Hostel

The hostel houses boys at the High-school level. Situated at WMO campus, Muttil, there are 140 students in the hostel.

Umarul Farooq Hostel, Muttil

This hostel is home of high school-level girls. Located at the WMO Campus Muttil, the hostel has 215 inmates.

IGA Kuwait

Located at Koolivayal, the hostel meant for the students at Imam Ghazzali Academy has been donated by WMO Kuwait Chapter. Started in 1999, there are 200 students at the hostel.

TKM Hostel

At Panthippoyi, nearby Banasura Sagar Dam at Padinjarethare, TKM hostel is the modernized and well-facilitated hostel meant for girls. There is madrassa facility too in the hostel. Students from Gujarat, Nepal, UP, Kanpur, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are lodged here. The first building (which lies adjacent to the new one) and the plot was donated by Valiya Pareekutty Haji and the new building was funded by Said Ranzi.

Al Sahabi

Located at WMO campus, Muttil, the hostel is home to 219 boys, of whom 22 have learnt the Quran by heart. All students are having the upper primary schooling.

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